Unique Differentiator

  • “99 Hours Service Assurance” is fastest after sales service offered, by any mobile brand, to customers, in India.
  • We will repair MAFE handset within 99 hours (four working days), through our 650+ service centers across India.
  • Through “99 hour service assurance” we portray our strong commitment towards satisfying after sales service concern.
Terms & Conditions
  • Applicable within 99 days from date of purchase / Activation whichever is earlier.
  • Model Covered under “99 hour service assurance” (Nemo, Lite, Energy, Pro, Leo, X1, Micra, Aero, Solo, Legend, Mega, Glow, Trend, Hero, Super, Style)
  • The Policy is effective from 1st August 2017.
  • The Policy cover to repair all L3 Level calls within 99 hours which is re-soldering, software, Part Replacement.
  • Any accessory (earphone, Charger, Battery, data cable) related calls will not be applicable under replacement clause of 99 hour service assurance Policy.
  • Loaner Handsets is subject to availability at the service partner. It will be provided to customer on case to case basis.
  • Unit Replacement is only applicable to handset. Complete Box will not be replaced.
  • Replacement unit will be provided to the customer if handset is not repaired within 99 hours(or 4 working days)
  • Out of warranty cases are not applicable for unit replacement.
  • Handset will provided of the similar model and similar Condition (*New Unit in case of New Handset)
  • This policy is applicable for feature phones.